• The Mantras of Parent-Author-Hood

    by Mohammed Shamma Being a published author is very new to me.  So is parenthood.  I have two kids, a first grader and a preschooler.  I’m still orienting myself every day, but in the six crazy wonderful years that I’ve had so far, I’ve learned some solid lessons along the way.  I want to share… Continue Reading

  • I’m having trouble thinking of a title!

    Welcome to  story and chai’s “Ask an Author.”  Here, we’ll respond to questions we’ve received about the writing and publication process, as well as new questions, which you can ask us on twitter, Facebook, or through email (jazobair AT comcast DOT net).  Sometimes we’ll ask other authors to “guest answer” your questions as well. We hope this is… Continue Reading

  • Date Night in PAINTED HANDS: The Visitor

    by Jennifer Zobair In a video post for Muslimah Montage, I said that the Muslim community needs more storytellers, including filmmakers. Movies are a powerful way to communicate experience, and an effective way of changing hearts and minds. I recently watched “The Visitor” for the third time. I love this movie. I love it so much… Continue Reading