• Ignoring the Checkpoint

    by Charles Bane, Jr. Rockets fire between Gaza and Israel, bringing  grief in their wake. They detonate in a curse of flash and smoke. It is like when there were hurricanes when I was a boy and I wrote in the dark, by battery lamp. I burrowed deep into my private soul, and made art that… Continue Reading

  • Close the Tent and Dim the Lights

    by Mohammed Shamma Before I dive into that title, I’d like to give you a little taste, a little peek into my first experience with the big “O.”  I first discovered that word when I was twenty.  I was a junior in college, starting my fifth and final major, Middle Eastern Studies.  Before that, I… Continue Reading

  • Slouching Towards Mecca

    by Deonna Kelli Sayed In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate My granny, Big Momma, accepted Jesus as her personal savior at some point in the 1950s. She pulled her car over to the side of a rural North Florida road and put her knees to the earth. “I just got… Continue Reading

  • Parental Love

    by Haroon Ullah, author of the Bargain from the Bazaar Having spent many years in and out of Pakistan, both on official business and on my own research trips, I know well the nervous energy that pervades a metropolis like Lahore, where over 12 million people live and work amid the turmoil and terror of… Continue Reading

  • Knowing Thy Self

    by Mohammed Shamma I’m not big on the whole selfie thing. Don’t get me wrong. I like taking pictures.  I just feel super awkward taking ones of my self and then posting them online. I guess I’m more of a loner bookworm than denizen of the many social-media sites dedicated to self-celebration. I tend to… Continue Reading

  • Muslimah Montage: Changing the Narrative

    By Sabina Khan-Ibarra When I was asked about my position on the Iraq war, I responded that I felt we were in Iraq needlessly.  After an awkward silence, the inquisitor, shamefaced, admitted he meant what I thought of the war as a Muslim, not as an American. As a Muslim? Well, my personal opinion as… Continue Reading

  • Feel Your Heart and Find Your Words

    by Mohammed Shamma I have trouble making choices. Once made, I feel I can never go back. It’s all so fatal to me. I hate leaving the other options behind. Sure, I’ll tell you that my favorite color is blue, but subconsciously I’m consoling the others. “Sorry red, green and yellow.  You’re my honorable mentions.”… Continue Reading

  • Ghostwriting the Self

    by Deonna Kelli Sayed I became a writer in a faraway kingdom where I lived on top of two-thousand-year-old graves and in the land of specters and ninja women. This is a true story. The faraway land was in the Kingdom of Bahrain, home of the ancient Dilmun civilization, with burial mounds spread across the… Continue Reading