• Join the National #RamadanReads Campaign

    When novelist & #WeNeedDiverseBooks co-founder Aisha Saeed walked into her local Barnes & Noble ten days ago, she was surprised & thrilled to see a Ramadan book display for children. She wanted to buy all four books displayed but after chatting with the bookseller, she realized that those were the only books in stock. If… Continue Reading

  • Salaam and Love on Father’s Day

    by Mohammed Shamma Do you ever wonder what would make your father truly happy this Father’s Day? Do you want to show your dad some love, but don’t know where to begin?  How about giving him the gift of stories written by real Muslim men on the search for love.  Look for Salaam, Love: American… Continue Reading

  • Close the Tent and Dim the Lights

    by Mohammed Shamma Before I dive into that title, I’d like to give you a little taste, a little peek into my first experience with the big “O.”  I first discovered that word when I was twenty.  I was a junior in college, starting my fifth and final major, Middle Eastern Studies.  Before that, I… Continue Reading

  • #WeNeedDiverseBooks Campaign

    As a contributor to Story and Chai, diversity and issues related to diversity in literature is near and dear to my heart. I am honored to be part of a group of publishers, authors, and book lovers seeking to create a conversation about the lack of diversity in literature and what we can do about… Continue Reading

  • Parental Love

    by Haroon Ullah, author of the Bargain from the Bazaar Having spent many years in and out of Pakistan, both on official business and on my own research trips, I know well the nervous energy that pervades a metropolis like Lahore, where over 12 million people live and work amid the turmoil and terror of… Continue Reading

  • Q&A: Melody Moezzi

    Melody Moezzi is the author of Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life, a beautiful, bold memoir about navigating her bipolar disorder and Iranian American identity, the ways love–of her parents, of her community, of her husband–helped her spirit soar, and her path to becoming a very public advocate for a disease many communities would prefer to keep private.… Continue Reading