Help! Perfection is getting in the way of my first draft.

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Question: I have a great idea for a novel but each time I sit down to write, I end up deleting everything I write because I hate what I see in the scene. I know first drafts are never great but how can I even get to the first draft if I keep deleting the first sentence?

Aisha: I completely understand this frustration. For many years [yes, years!] I stared at a screen, typing out a few words, paragraphs, sometimes even pages, and then striking the delete key on everything I wrote, deeming it unworthy. For me, I’ve learned, that the secret to getting that first sentence to stick and for more sentences to follow is not to write the opening scenes on a laptop but instead, with a good old fashioned pen and paper. Somehow a blank page in the moleskine is less daunting than a glowing screen. Maybe it’s because pen and paper is how I first learned to write. Maybe it’s because this is how I first created stories as a child. Or maybe its because it’s way too easy to hit ‘delete’ on a keyboard versus pen and paper, but the process of putting pen to paper helps ideas and sentences flow freely. Once the first few pages, or chapters are solidified on paper and the vision of the book grows legs, I take the story to the laptop and continue writing there. Writing a novel’s first few pages is a fragile place where self-doubt looms high but perhaps writing it out with pen and paper will help erase the curse of the blinking blank screen. Good luck!


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