Salaam and Love on Father’s Day

by Mohammed Shamma

Do you ever wonder what would make your father truly happy this Father’s Day? Do you want to show your dad some love, but don’t know where to begin?  How about giving him the gift of stories written by real Muslim men on the search for love.  Look for Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy online at: or in your local bookstore.

From Jennifer’s review of Salaam, Love:

“The men in Salaam, Love do. They love. They love slowly and sweetly in grade school crushes and boldly and suddenly with women they meet in college or at work. They mistake lust for love and chase after elusive parental approval. They get their hearts broken—by the wrong woman and the right woman and by some compelling men. They get beautifully, blissfully lucky, and find “the one.”

They stand by a wife dying of cancer and tell us that, had they known she would get sick, they would still do it all over again.

Muslim men love.” 

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Mohammed Shamma is a writer/illustrator living in Berkeley, California with his wife and two kids. His story, “Echoes” was published in Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy. Read more about his work at: or connect with him on Twitter at @mohammed_shamma or by email at


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