• Q&A: Marjan Kamali

    Marjan Kamali is the author of TOGETHER TEA, a gorgeous debut novel that takes us from the United States to Tehran and back again, as an Iranian-American mother  and daughter navigate life and love–including spreadsheet-fueled matchmaking–and their complicated, rich cultural identities. Below, Marjan responds to  Jennifer’s questions about her novel and offers some advice to new writers. *… Continue Reading

  • The New Ms. Marvel And The Shifting Muslim Narrative

    by Aisha Saeed                                                                                                                                                                    It’s hard to imagine a comic book could provoke a firestorm of controversy and world-wide media attention, but in November 2013 when Marvel announced the new Ms. Marvel would be Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year-old Pakistani American teenager from Jersey, this is exactly what happened. As a Pakistani American Muslim, I was both… Continue Reading

  • Prose Economy

    by Tracy Strauss When we’re sending out our work for possible publication, we are often required to submit our stories and essays within a specific, limited word count. How can we shape or carve or whittle down a longer work into one that will fit the submission guidelines of a particular publication, and still retain… Continue Reading

  • Feel Your Heart and Find Your Words

    by Mohammed Shamma I have trouble making choices. Once made, I feel I can never go back. It’s all so fatal to me. I hate leaving the other options behind. Sure, I’ll tell you that my favorite color is blue, but subconsciously I’m consoling the others. “Sorry red, green and yellow.  You’re my honorable mentions.”… Continue Reading

  • Ghostwriting the Self

    by Deonna Kelli Sayed I became a writer in a faraway kingdom where I lived on top of two-thousand-year-old graves and in the land of specters and ninja women. This is a true story. The faraway land was in the Kingdom of Bahrain, home of the ancient Dilmun civilization, with burial mounds spread across the… Continue Reading

  • story and chai

    Welcome to story and chai, a creative space for readers and writers of non-majority lit, with a primary focus on Muslim narratives. Since my novel, Painted Hands, released in the summer of 2013, I’ve received wonderful feedback from both Muslim and non-Muslim readers. Non-Muslims speak of new ways of thinking and talking about Muslim women,… Continue Reading